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Cover Story in Los Gatos Weekly Times, April 5, 2000: Sealed Lips by Mary Ann Cook

Sealed Lips

Carol Greene would never call Sammy, Reginald Rabbit and the rest of the gang dummies 

By Mary Ann Cook
Photography by Kathy De La Torre

Photos taken at my house in the Santa Cruz Mountains in Los Gatos, California.

Mountain Network News, November 1999 by Susan Zerweck Biography published in Mountain Network News magazine.
Reprinted with permission.
Original located at http://www.mnn.net/greene.htm
CNN coverage of 1998 Vegas 
Ventriloquist Convention
"Dummies ham it up with wooden humor at ventriloquists' convention"  
The picture accompanying this short article shows me with my Frank Marshall figure, Sammy, at the bottom of the image.