April 5, 2000    Los Gatos, California  Since 1881

    Carol Green
    Photograph by Kathy De La Torre

    Carol Greene was a shy little girl, but her vent offspring always speak their minds. Here, she chats with Katie-Lynn (left) and Sammy, who was created by Frank Marshall, who also crafted puppets for Edgar Bergen.

    Carol Greene

    Ventriloquist entertains and teaches with a cast of characters known as puppets or vent figures--but never dummies

    Carol Greene's extended family includes a wise-cracking rabbit named Reginald Rabbit and a dancing bird named Ludwig Van Birdoven V. They often say outrageous things the ventriloquist would never dream of saying herself. A one-time teacher, Greene now teaches teachers, but she still finds time to perform with her puppet friends.   More

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